The Included w/ Mick and Shannon of Fiercely Peaceful

The Included is a musically interactive playing field dedicated to the celebration of life, as well as the freedom and joy of authentic, creative expression 

Come join us in birthing this safe space of possibility where the audience and the band become one.  Think of it as an energetic and creative jam/improv session where everyone will have the opportunity to be the instrument and the voice,  expressing yourself emotionally and creatively to your own level of comfort and desire, whether it’s through the language of dance, song, spoken word or silent participation.

We hope to see you on the playground! 

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I will meet you there.


     Click here to watch a video from Mick and Tess explaining the event.         Click here to watch a video from Shannon explaining the event.

When?  Sunday May 15th, 6-8pm

Where? Windhover, Rockport MA

Do people need to sing? Click here to watch a video from Mick and Tess explaining the process. Click here for a video message from Shannon.

 Price:  $35.00  (includes $3.00 ticket processing fees



Mick Pulver and Shannon Ward began playing together when she joined the Breakthrough Workshop Band to  sing lead and back up vocals in 2004.  Over the past 19 years they’ve had great adventures in creativity and transformation that include writing music together  as well as performing and holding space on stage for a lot of courageous people to express themselves authentically using the power of music and singing.