From the age of four, Shannon Ward knew that her purpose in life was to sing, act, create and connect people to each other.  She wrote her first song at eight with lyrics, stories and dance moves that flew out of her like breathing. Whether using a brush or a microphone, when Shannon is being creative, she’s always “home.”

After having lost her ability to sing for 12 years in response to childhood traumas, Shannon began using different modalities to explore those experiences, acknowledging how deeply they affected her voice and ability to trust and express herself. In 2003, she became involved with the Breakthrough workshop which focused on authentic expression through singing, movement and performance. 

She jumped in with both feet and began to reconnect with her true voice. By letting go of the masks she used to wear on stage, she gave herself a springboard for authentic growth and creativity that continues to serve as a core value in her life’s purpose and she remains involved with Breakthrough to this day by singing both lead and back up vocals and supporting others on their journey.


Shannon has been active as an interdisciplinary artist throughout her life. She went to university on a musical theater scholarship and began her professional journey on stage in musicals, television, and industrial film as well as voicing several animated characters for a Sony video game.

She is also a state licensed massage therapist, reiki master and vocal/sound healer who has mixed her creative and healing modalities for over 25 years to create a safe space for people to connect and integrate their authentic self-expression and well-being.  She has performed with various artists and is currently completing her original music and collaborative projects for release in 2022. Shannon  has also created, produced and led creative expression workshop events.  


As the Atomik Muse and Playful Boss of all things Fiercely Peaceful, Shannon and her best friend and partner (Chief Connections Officer, Leilane Kyne) are launching Fiercely Peaceful in all its forms.   Our mission:  Fiercely Peaceful Productions fosters curious, intentional and inclusive communities by creating music, art, and events that integrate well being, social equity, transformation & joy.  This interactive playing field of possibility is fertile ground for all things creative and healing.  We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!  


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.