Jennifer Carey and fiercely peaceful productions presents The Wow Stage ((Weekend of Wonder Supporting Total Artistic Growth and Expression)

YOU are invited to the Wow Stage, a special inaugural music and expressive retreat in May, in Rockport, MA. This event is a combination of music, art, therapy and healing and promises to be a magical experience.

You will leave The WOW STAGE with the following gifts:

  1. Inspiration to identify your dreams
  2. Permission to follow your dreams
  3. Creative outlets to help achieve your dreams

We were born creative. I believe we are all craving creativity and connection. I also believe that there is infinite wisdom and power in our imagination and when we can harness that power, that magic, it can help us heal, learn, grow and achieve the desires of our hearts. 

Each event and workshop of this weekend of wonder has been crafted to provide all of the above. Come be an audience member at the Cabaret on Friday and connect with me and my dreams while being inspired by performers underneath the stars at Windhover, in Rockport, MA. Windhover provides the most majestic setting with an outdoor stage – (and don’t worry about rain – there’s a tent to protect the audience and stage). 

Saturday and Sunday, you have ala carte transformational workshops to choose from. Please take the time to explore them on this website. Each and every workshop will leave you feeling empowered. 

On Sunday, The Included, is the perfect culminating event. It’s time to pause, laugh, fully immerse ourselves in the present moment and allow it to take us to creative heights in music, movement and imagination. Audience members can just sit back and enjoy the show or participate in a way that feels comfortable. Whatever you choose, I guarantee you’ll feel connected and inspired. 

And just to add to the magic of everything, a portion of our proceeds will go to Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

Note: This is a BYOB event. You are invited to bring a picnic to the events and brown bag any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Ready to register? Hooray! If you are signing up for more than one event/workshop, do so with the registration form and you will receive an invoice where you can pay online. If you are only able to make one event/workshop, use the convenient payment buttons within the event/workshop. 

See you at our Weekend of Wonder!

Note: This in an in-person event held in Rockport Massachusetts

Friday May 13th

7pm- 9pm

Songbirds Cabaret MC’d by Jennifer H. Carey

Saturday May 14th


WOW Kick-Off Mind-Body Vision Boards w/ Cassie


Song of the Soul Workshop DAY 1 w/ Mick + Tess

1pm- 3pm

Illuminating the Stories that Bind

Us Workshop w/ Jennifer H. Carey

4pm- 6pm

H’art of Glass Workshop w/ Shannon of Fiercely Peaceful

Sunday May 15th


Yoga with Michelle Gallant


Yoga Nidra with Michelle Gallant

1pm- 3pm

H’art Song For Your Inner Child w/ Shannon of Fiercely Peaceful


Song of the Soul Workshop DAY 2 w/ Mick + Tess

6pm- 8pm

The Included w/ Mick + Tess and Shannon Fiercely Peaceful

You will have the option to bring your own picnic and drinks to these events.


Jennifer H. Carey


Host of the podcast Illuminating The Stories That Bind Us

Shannon Ward

Atomik Muse and Playful Boss of all things Fiercely Peaceful

Mick + Tess Pulver

Creators of Breakthrough Performance Workshop

Cassie Brooks

Intuitive Educator + Theatre Artist


A portion of the proceeds will go to the the Boys and Girls Club of Boston


Questions and Answers: 

Do I have to sign up for the whole weekend? No. There are several separate ala carte options throughout the weekend that you can sign up for and attend separately.

Our featured Song of the Soul Workshop is held over the course of Saturday and Sunday so with that workshop, you’ll be at the weekend event for two of the three days.

Do I have to sing or be on stage? No. However, if you sign up for Song of the Soul, the whole purpose is helping you find your authentic voice and you will sing and perform within the safe confines of your group. For the culminating event, The Included, you are invited to participate by bringing your own instrument, or dancing, or offering a lyric a sound to improvisational music but you absolutely do not have to sing or be on stage if you do not want to.

Do I have to have musical talent to attend? Not at all. This weekend is all about freedom of expression, personal growth and connection with others. Music is one of the tools we use to help us achieve this, but the event is not about perfecting our music but growing through our limiting beliefs.

 Can I watch it on Zoom? No. This is a live, in-person event. Events will be outdoors. Workshops will be held in big spacious, well-ventilated dance studios.
Is there free parking available? Yes. There is a huge open field at Windhover and parking attendants will help guide you to a safe and organized spot.
Will there be food and drink available? We will have water bottles available for purchase. Otherwise, you are encouraged to bring your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and food. Note: If you sign up for the Song of the Soul Workshop, you will receive a boxed lunch from our gourmet chef. Also, if you choose to stay at Windhover during this weekend, you do have the option to have communal meals with fellow participants and facilitators of this event.

Where do I stay if I want to stay overnight?
There is an option to stay in a Rustic Cabin on Windhover campus. There are also a multitude of options of places to stay in Rockport and Gloucester.